The village of Joyeuse

Discover the village of Joyeuse where your 4-star campsite is located in Ardèche


This is our south...

In the collective unconscious, the word "South" inspires holidays in the sun, idleness, the sea and moments of happiness shared with family or friends. Certainly our village is not the “South” imagined by many holidaymakers, but we offer another version of the “South”. First, Joyeuse is in the South-East of France and in the South of the Ardèche. In this sense, we can take a small part of this coveted “South”.

Then, Joyeuse, it's a "South" just as warm and sunny as its big brother,
a "South" where the cicadas sing in summer in the middle of the farmers' markets,
a “South” where you can walk in the mountains and canoe on our rivers in the same day,
a “South” filled with legends, pre-history, and character,
a “South” which attracts holidaymakers from all over Europe, full of secrets and idyllic corners.

In short, Joyeuse is like the “South” but otherwise.

It is an Other South.

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